Rock O Phone: Season 3

The outskirts of the TSC auditorium was bumbling with life, as the Garo community made their presence felt with their youthful exuberance. ‘Rock O Phone- Season 3’ was not just a concert that ABCB (A’chik Band Community of Bangladesh) had arranged, but a statement that bands from the Garo community were just as good as any other bands in the country.

Upon entering the venue, a faithful rendition of The Cranberries’ Zombie was heard being played by Kremlin, an impressive all-girl band. 11 stellar bands, including The Code, Taantrik, ReRe and Jumang kept the majority of the audience on their feet. A plethora of popular songs were sung alongside the ones in the Garo native tongue. Doorgo, a guest band from DU were among the crowd favourites. “We are very happy to be able to provide a platform for these amazing bands, and this goes to show that we are not behind when it comes to music,” says Sunshine Arent, the host and one of the organisers.

The headliners, Indalo, not only had the audience go crazy with their performance, but were amazed at the reception that they had received from the music lovers at TSC. “We really enjoyed playing here, and I am sure that some of the bands of this community will make it big!” says Jon Kabir, Indalo’s frontman.

Sacrament, a very popular band in the Garo community were the last to hit the stage, and their performance was a feat to behold. The entire concert celebrated something that reaches beyond the boundaries of race and community – music.

The event was co-hosted by DU Garo family. “24 Garo boys and girls worked day and night to make the event happen, and we are very proud to be a part of this event,” says David Kenny Rema, the President of ABCB.

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